Non Profit Ticket Donation Request
The University of Toledo Department of Athletics diligently attempts to fulfill all requests for items benefiting charitable causes and/or fund-raising events. Supporting the community in this manner is important to the University of Toledo, and the athletics department is willing to help in different capacities. To ensure fairness, requests must be agreeable with the guidelines outlined below. After the form is completed, a representative from the athletics department will contact you.

* Requesting organizations are limited to institutional, charitable, educational or nonprofit organizations.

* Due to NCAA rules, proceeds may not benefit any prospective student-athlete, parents of a student-athlete, teachers, and/or coaches. The NCAA defines a prospective student-athlete as someone who has begun 9th grade.

* Items will not be donated to any entity that benefits a junior college, prep school or high school.

*The request must be made at least four weeks before the date that it is needed.

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Organization Name:
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What is the intent of the charitable donation?
Is this organization a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit agency?
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NCAA guidelines require that the following conditions be met:

1. The requested item may not be used in fund-raising events for any high school organization, high school fund raising event that will benefit a charity or educational project or any high school or prospect-aged individual. High school is defined as grades nine through 12.

2. All monies derived from the promotions activity or project must go directly to the charity, non-profit agency or educational institution listed above.

3. An authorized representative of the agency must sign a waiver agreeing to adhere to all NCAA guidelines regarding this request.

I have read the following conditions for which a charitable donation can be fulfilled.