Rocket Academic Center

The Rocket Academic Center, located in the Larimer Athletic Complex, is open to all student-athletes. This facility includes academic staff offices, study carrels, and a computer lab with 16 desktop workstations. The academic center has laptop computers available for team travel. Workstations are equipped with Netscape, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, are connected to the University’s UTAD email system.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics recognizes the unique needs of student-athletes in regards to academic support at the University of Toledo. Academic staff provide a variety of services to assist student-athletes with their academic progress. Services include guidance with orientation, course scheduling, targeting (a time management program), study table, individualized and group tutoring.

Academic Advising
UT student-athletes meet with two advisers: one in their academic program and their team’s academic coordinator in the Rocket Academic Center. Both advisers work together to assist the student-athlete with creating balanced course schedules that meet degree requirements and that will not interfere with athletic commitments. The academic center maintains files on all student-athletes to monitor academic performance, NCAA athletic eligibility and progress toward graduation. All tracking information (targeting reports, tutorial feedback, academic progress reports from faculty, eligibility data, and college advising documentation) is kept on file and communicated to coaches regularly.

Tutorial assistance is available to all student-athletes through both the Rocket Academic Center and the University’s Learning Enhancement Center (LEC). Tutoring in the academic center is funded by the athletic department and is free to all student-athletes. The academic center employs a learning specialist who focuses on writing and study strategies. The learning specialist also coordinates the Academic Coach Program, a core group of volunteer professionals in business and education from the local community who offer their assistance in math, science, economics, business, social science and humanities. Students can also visit the LEC, which has offices in both the Carlson Library and at the Scott Park campus. Tutoring at both locations is available to all UT students free of charge.

Targeting is a time management and organizational program designed for freshmen, new transfer students and returning students who are not performing up to their potential academically. Student-athletes meet weekly or biweekly with their academic coordinator for thirty minutes to discuss their academic progress, upcoming assignments, eligibility issues and academic and career planning. The goal of this program is to model time management skills and develop a comprehensive plan to assist the student-athlete in the transition from high school to college.

NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
The NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program offers programming to cultivate student-athletes’ lives in five main areas: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development, and commitment to service. Created in 1991, Life Skills Programs at NCAA member institutions are supported nationally through the promotional and financial efforts of the NCAA Foundation, the NCAA and the Division I-A Athletic Directors’ Association.

At the University of Toledo, the Director of CHAMPS/Life Skills coordinates events in the areas of community outreach through the "Rockets ‘Round Town" program, career planning through our collaboration with career services on campus, and personal development. Additionally, a bimonthly newsletter is published and distributed to coaches, administrators and student-athletes to promote programming and to recognize our student-athletes’ accomplishments in the classroom, in sport, and in life.


Drew Scales
Asst. AD/Academics


Stacy Bowers
Academic Coordinator


Sue Irmen
Director of Life Skills

Laura Johnson
Learning Specialist

Student-Athlete Academic Services Staff

Drew Scales, in his second year directing Student Athletic Academic Services, is responsible for the daily operations of the Rocket Academic Center. He coordinates academic support for men’s basketball, women’s golf, women’s soccer, and women’s track and cross country student-athletes.

Stacy Bowers is in her 13th year with Student Athletic Academic Services as an academic coordinator. Bowers coordinates academic services for football, women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s tennis student-athletes. In addition, Bowers helps to organize Rocket Launch, a new student orientation, and serves on the Intercollegiate Committee on Advising (ICA).

Sue Irmen begins her ninth year with Student Athletic Academic Services this fall as an academic coordinator. Irmen coordinates academic services for baseball, men’s cross country, softball, women’s swimming, men’s golf, and volleyball student-athletes. Irman also directs Life Skills programming for UT student-athletes.

Laura Johnson starts her eighth year with Student Athletic Academic Services as a learning specialist. Johnson specifically addresses the learning needs of UT student-athletes. Additionally, Johnson is responsible for tutorial services in the Rocket Academic Center.