Transcript from Head Football Coach Tim Beckman's Press Conference

Courtesy: Toledo Athletics
Release: 12/04/2008
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Press Conference for New University of Toledo Football Coach Tim Beckman


“We’re excited about being here. It’s great to be back in the MAC, and my family is very excited about being here and being a member of the Rocket family and a part of something special.”


“Coaching is in my blood. I’ve had a lot of luck and blessings in my coaching career. Having the opportunity to sit in the staff rooms with national championships coaches like a Jim Tressel or an Urban Meyer was very rewarding.  I was able to learn this game and how it affects our student-athletes today. I can’t give enough credit for my beliefs and this opportunity today to Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer. They have given me insight on how to build programs, how to be successful and how to graduate football players. Mike Gundy gave me the opportunity to be a Big 12 coordinator and we had an outstanding year this season. I credit Coach Gundy and also the players because if they didn’t play their hearts out I probably wouldn’t be here today.


“I had the opportunity to play some great teams in the Big 12 like Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech and Missouri. Being able to play against those teams when they’re rated No. 1, 2 and 3 in the country and trying to defend them was a challenge.  Another person who played a big part in my coaching career was Dick Strahm, who was my coach at the University of Findlay. He’s the winningest coach in NAIA history and he shaped my beliefs as a football player and into a coach. I also want to mention Gary Blackney who gave me the first opportunity to be a 31-year old defensive coordinator at Bowling Green and really got my career headed into the right direction. I also have to mention Gregg Brandon because all of those coaches that I mentioned are part of Tim Beckman’s beliefs not just as a football coach but as a person.”


“You’re going to see an outstanding brand of football here. I can honestly say I competed against some outstanding offenses. There’s a lot of excitement in college football today and we’re excited to bring that here to Toledo.”


“I’ve been involved with defense my whole life. We’re going to be a very physical group with outstanding effort that you’re going to see week in and week out on the football field. One thing I want to stress to you is that when the Rockets are on or off the field we’re going to exemplify class because we’re privileged to be Rockets and play this great game of football. Whatever we’re going to do we’re going to do it with class.”



What do you think about being on the opposite side of the I-75 rivalry?


Bowling Green has a great program, and they’ll have a great football coach there. It was a part of our lives with my family, but I’m here to be a Rocket. I’m here to coach football and take our student-athletes and make them fulfill their obligations and win football games. It’s a great rivalry. I’ve been a part of Auburn-Alabama, Ohio State-Michigan and Oklahoma State-Oklahoma and now we’ll be playing for the Peace Pipe and the I-75 rivalry.


What will it be like going up against one of your coaching mentors in Jim Tressel next year when Toledo plays Ohio State in Cleveland?


“It’s a great opportunity to go to Cleveland to sell the Toledo Rockets and play against Coach Tressel. As a young coach, there isn’t a better challenge and opportunity to coach against Coach Tressel and his fine staff.


Are you planning on using a spread offense?


“We are going to use a spread philosophy. To able to play against the No. 1 scoring offense in the county in Oklahoma and also to play against Texas and Colt McCoy, Missouri and Chase Daniel and Texas Tech and Graham Harrell has given me the opportunity to critique it on the other side of the football. We will be a multi-tempo and multi-personnel offense. We want to utilize speed and score points.”


What are your plans for hiring a coaching staff and recruiting?


“We’re going to try to get a coaching staff together in the next couple of days. We’re going to look for the best players that fit the philosophies that we’re going to run on defense and offense. We’re going to find characteristics that fit the Toledo football program that we’re about to establish here. We’re going to find players with great effort, great attitude and what it takes to win and want to be part of something special.”

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