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Looking Back at Spring Break 2015
Toledo Athletics, 03/26/2015
Trip filled with memories to last a lifetime and a second-place tie at Rio Verde Invitational

Jennifer Elsholz: Starting the Spring Off Right
Toledo Athletics, 02/18/2015
Rocket senior writes about beginning her final semester as a collegian

Jennifer Elsholz: Off to a Flying Start!
Toledo Athletics, 09/20/2014
Senior golfer provides insight to UT's season-opening Mary Fossum Invitational

Stephanie St- Jean: A Year to Remember
Toledo Athletics, 05/05/2014
When I was younger, adults were always telling me to enjoy it now because time flies and one day you will be old and working a job.

Sathika Ruenreong: A big motivational week!
Toledo Athletics, 04/10/2014
It was a great opportunity for the Toledo Golf program to get a chance to play in the Intercollegiate.

04/01/2014 Jennifer Elsholz: Taking Advantage of Wonderful Opportunities
03/13/2014 Rio Verde 2014 - A Memorable Life Experience
02/20/2014 Stephanie St-Jean: On Our Way Up!
02/07/2014 Kate Hoops: Teeing Off Our Spring with a Victorious Trip to Florida!
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08/11/2013 Nathan Boothe Talks About the Rockets' Trip to Greece
08/09/2013 Matt Smith: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
07/31/2013 Kyle Slack: Summer Baseball Update From Battle Creek
07/19/2013 Tyler Grogg: Summer Baseball Update From Lima
07/17/2013 Kate Hoops: Opportunity of a Lifetime
07/16/2013 James Miglin: Summer Baseball Update From Chillicothe
05/01/2013 Allison Schultz: Bidding Farewell to the Rocket Family
04/15/2013 Jennifer Elsholz: Back to Coach’s Alma Mater
04/08/2013 Kate Hoops: Looking Forward to an Exciting Finish to Season
03/21/2013 Jennifer Elsholz: Fighting Hard to Continue Our Success
03/13/2013 Arizona Trip Highlights Spring Break 2013
02/24/2013 Experiencing a Different Culture