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Jennifer Elsholz: Starting the Spring Off Right
Toledo Athletics, 02/18/2015
Rocket senior writes about beginning her final semester as a collegian

Jennifer Elsholz: Off to a Flying Start!
Toledo Athletics, 09/20/2014
Senior golfer provides insight to UT's season-opening Mary Fossum Invitational

Stephanie St- Jean: A Year to Remember
Toledo Athletics, 05/05/2014
When I was younger, adults were always telling me to enjoy it now because time flies and one day you will be old and working a job.

Sathika Ruenreong: A big motivational week!
Toledo Athletics, 04/10/2014
It was a great opportunity for the Toledo Golf program to get a chance to play in the Intercollegiate.

Jennifer Elsholz: Taking Advantage of Wonderful Opportunities
Toledo Athletics, 04/01/2014
When you're an NCAA Division I student-athlete you are presented with plenty of opportunities to succeed in both your sport and in school, it just depends on whether or not you take advantage of those opportunities and that's the difference between good and great athletes.

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